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Amaze yourself with the unlocking of your potential via the Psychology of Shortcuts.
No one can succeed for you. At best, they can lead you and teach you to help yourself.

Be wise, by practicing the magic secret of having a precise goal, and a determined deadline for it.
Then we list all of the agencies and individuals and private organizations that can help you get there.
By asking more people more times each, you guarantee and assure an acceleration of your successful results.
Please, please, stop pretending to know more than those who repeatedly succeed more than you have up until now.
Those who repeatedly perform the best prove to know better than all the rest of us how they repeatedly succeed as they do.
Do not allow yourself to sleep this day or night until you have identified at least a few who are living as you wish to do.
These are your role models for developing your own sense of your own version of the Psychology of Shortcuts.
Speak as they speak, aim as they aim, act as they act... and you will get similar results for your efforts.
These are the ways of those who do, know, and show better, over and over and over again,
those whose lives are examples of how to embrace their own Psychology of Shortcuts.
Let's make today more exciting by learning more, so we can all live and give more.

These are the essential factors for engaging your own Psychology of Shortcuts.

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These are the shortcuts of Masters and Millionaires:
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Welcome to the Psychology of Shortcuts

This is easily the Most Empowering Website In Town,
and the biggest web site in the world created by one pair of hands,
those of MrShortcut.
Created specifically for YOU, using shortcuts & Powergems, in hope of you using high-powered effective shortcuts. Masters, millionaires, champions and billionaires use these shortcuts, called PowerGems, to obtain better and faster results. You will, too, provided you close your mouth, open your ears and eyes, and USE these shortcuts, the master shortcuts of Role Models and Leaders - Champions and Masters.

This is the Psychology of Shortcuts.

The most powerful shortcuts. masters and champions - role models shortcuts.
the Psychology of Shortcuts of masters, millionaires, champions and billionaires.

Best Shortcuts and WHY we provide them here

These are the best shortcuts of our role models, which specifically means
the best shortcuts of masters and millionaires,
the best shortcuts of champions and billionaires.
You will find that you get immediately better at just about everything with these great shortcuts.

They are, naturally, designed for your life, to make your life better, and hopefully,
to help improve the lot of those around you who just have less.

Contrary to popular belief, working hard is not enough to establish a good life,
not in these parlous times of greed and surfeit gone exponential.

As Professor Howard Zinn, one of the greatest thinkers of the 20th century clearly laid out,
the tiny few who control the vast majority of resources do everything possible within their means
to prevent too many new people from entering their putatively hallowed circles.

In plain English, some seven percent of the nation
owns or controls more than eighty percent of all the cash in this country.
This happens because their greed is both tolerated and promoted by the "elements of power."
As well, it is because of the multitude of sheeple who pay five dollars for a cup of coffee...
a five-cent cup of coffee filled with the belief that others will respect you more if you buy it.
We certainly can't fail to include the mindless morons who buy five-dollar shirts for a hundred dollars,
simply and only because it has someone else's name on it. Why not just buy the five-dollar shirt and use a pen?

Numbers don't lie; only people do.
Masters and Millionaires feel a responsibility to help all to help themselves.
Thus you have the best shortcuts of masters and millionaires,
the best shortcuts of champions and billionaires,
because we actually want YOU to succeed faster
with the great secrets and shortcuts of world-class achievers.
This is the one and only peaceful way to defeat the vicious and greedy:
E D U C A T I O N       and       A C T I O N.