Imagine Someone Loving You As Much As The Psychology of Shortcuts

Imagine someone loving you enough to silently, carefully invest, one at a time, millions of minutes,
focused on sharing with you the best shortcuts of masters, millionaires, champions, and billionaires.

This is the most defined love that a human can offer who has no personal family to stay focused upon.
Let the Psychology of Shortcuts hold your hand and gently push you from behind.
The best peaceful defense against the globaility of greed is globality of sharing.
The more we disseminate self-empowering secrets and shortcuts of doing,
the more we help to The playing field, to raise tides and waves.
JFK taught us that a rising tide lifts all boats. Let's do it, hm?
Using the shortcuts of masters, millionaires, champions,
you'll rapidly double your results in all that you do.
Ten percent is the tiniest portion of pay for you.
That means sharing more than ten percent.
It is the one immutable commandment.
All others are subject to your point of view,
applied as they fit your particular circumstances.
If you are inclined to shave corners only in your favor,
nothing normal or human will alter such a losing state of mind.
For the ethically-focused, it is easy to follow commandments of life.
Treating others as you wish to be treated is a great example of flexibility.
There are times and circumstances where your very survival can depend upon it.
The only immutable PowerGem of wealth is that you will never give less than ten percent.
The more you give, the more comes back to you. You have no choice in accepting this Newtonism.
You can like it, resent it, embrace or eschew it. With that, you will never affect the purity of its perfection.
If you were able to imagine someone loving you this much, imagine you accepting and redistributing some of it.

Consider one human condensing the treasure of 14,000 books into one for you, containing the best shortcuts of all time.

The Psychology of Shortcuts is free for your life with the agreement that you follow all the rules.
The most basic rule is that half of all your new wealth belongs to the Psychology of Shortcuts.
Do not send anything to the Psychology of Shortcuts ; spend it locally on starving people.
Whoever and wherever your are, there are people nearby who cannot feed themselves.
Each piece of currency you give to someone near you who cannot feed themselves,
each act of giving that is deducted from your money or your time is power itself.
Your power multiplies. Perhaps you should look "power" up in the dictionary.
More than a dozen definitions down the long list you will find the best one.
'The ability to take action or create an effect.'
That is power. Your power multiplies when you give it away, like hugs.
Wealth is easily, quickly increased through this one immutable fact.
At risk of sounding trite, "the more you give, the more you get."
That's not the hope of someone blindly embracing optimism,
it is a perfect rule of life, a PowerGem, that always works.
Ignore all naysayers. If they knew better, they'd do so.
Since they don't, always ask those who are doing.
They are the horse's mouth, and know better.
Welcome to the rest of your life and more,
Your own Psychology of Shortcuts

Be good enough to note that Shapetalk has a number of functions,
not least of which are the personal expressions of art and style.
Like chess, it takes thought, stimulating lateral creativities.
More interesting yet is the observation of observation.
How many of us note the use of one-lineristicism?
(Yes, that's a fair extension of a root word,
although 'istisism' may be more useful).
The idea is to make it easier to absorb.
One line for each specific thought.
Drink a thought, then move on.
Use one PowerGem at a time.
Connect them as you wish.
They're interchangeable,
and thoroughly useful.
That they shape out,
you may call it luck.


Why read 14,000 books and more if not to share the treasures found therein?
Financial remuneration and credibility have directly connected and opposite relations.
Even recognition is often translated into cash opportunities, once again serving the one.
By neither soliciting nor accepting any of your generous offers involving either of these vices,
the Psychology of Shortcuts earns the credibility it is entitled to. That is why it is free for your life.
The first rule of the Psychology of Shortcuts is that every human activity has powerfully useful shortcuts.
In particular, the shortcuts of those who know best, who qualify to be known as "the horse's mouth.
The first premise of the Psychology of Shortcuts is that we can get it from the horse's mouth,
or we can get caught at the wrong end of the horse. Everything else is empty chatter.
Those who do it the best know it the best. Your actions on this knowledge tell all.
You tell us what you can do, and your actions tell us so much better, hm?
The most accurate way we have today to assess anyone's intelligence,
is neither more nor less than an observation of a single day of life.
What you do speaks so loudly we can hardly hear a word you say.
Whatever you want to be world-class at, FIRST find masters.
Look for masters and champions who are doing it better.
Ask ten or ask a hundred of them for only ten minutes.
Tell them you want to be like them when you grow up,
to contribute to the world as they have and still do.
Ten minutes of their time is all you need to seek.
Those ten minutes, for the ones who say "ok,"
will fill you with hope, energy, knowledge.
Your power doubles with each interview.
You can even offer them lunch, right?
Same premise, as one-time mentor.
Before lunch is over you will know.
By a dozen lunches you will have.
PowerGems cannot fail to work,
we can only fail to work them.
Ask more people more times.
It is the secret of billionaires