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The Psychology of Shortcuts

The Psychology of Shortcuts is all about using what's already around us. Iceburgs are a good example, because we can accurately liken or at least compare them to the human mind. Develop your brain more efficiently and more effectively by understanding how much alike your brain is with most formed iceburgs.

Has it ever been explained to you that when we see a typical iceberg, and remark on how HUGE it is we are truly seeing, "just the tip of the iceberg?"   It's entirely true. 90 percent of an iceberg is actually below the water.

There is a an observably distinct parallel here between an iceberg and the human brain,
one that in itself consitutes a powerfully useful shortcut for you to tap into.

Roughly 10% of our thought-processing occurs within the conscious part of our mind. We call this conscious part "The Judge." The other 90% or so of our thoughts and decisions take place in our subconscious mind - 'below the water,' so to speak. We call this subconscious are " The Robot." And what a robot it is!!   
It permanently records absolutely every sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch that we experience -- every single one -- from birth... to death. Beyond contention, it is the most sophisticated computer we shall ever see; at least in our lifetimes, and possibly ever. More than one hundred million separate neurons functioning up to a million times every quarter of a second.     Whew! You really ARE special. Who knows? Maybe one of these days you'll actually wake up, realize how special, how unique, how utterly sophisticated you are... and will take action upon that realization, hm?

With each of life's experiences, a mental tape is created. These tapes are similar to tape cassettes, and videocassettes. Each and every time we talk about, write about, or even just think about, a sight, smell, taste, touch, sound, or experience that we've encountered, a new and duplicative tape is recorded within the robot. This is what enables us to visualize things that are not actually in front of us.
Take every computer on the planet, up to and including the gargantuan Cray or IBM Supercomputers: all of their computing and memory capacity,
COMBINED... represents less memory and computing space... than that of a single human mind!!

And here's another thought for us to consider: Although neuroscientists tell us that there are 100 billion or so computing cells within our human minds, I recently learned that the actual atoms that comprise this computing and memory ability are calculated in the area of 100 trillion trillion. No, that's not a typographical error. That's: 100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 !!!!

Whew! Let's imagine filling up your living room with bb pellets... and really "see" it in your mind... floor to ceiling, wall-to-wall. Think that's 100 trillion trillion? Not close. Now, fill up your neighbor's living room with those same size bb's. Wall-to-wall, floor to ceiling. See it in your mind's eye as you read these words. All those bb's!!! Think you're there yet? Not a chance.... you'd have to continue filling living rooms at the rate of one living room... each and every single second... for twenty thousand years. Seems to me there's a huge reservoir of potential in YOU that you're barely tapping into.

The human mind is truly unlimited in its capacities and abilities.You admit that there are other people tapping into genius, and still fail to recognize the potential within yourself that is just a shade of effort away. The Psychology of Shortcuts is a way for you to obtain so much proof that you may yet awaken the proverbial and storied and urgently-needed giant inside of you. Take better stock of what you already have and you rapidly glean that it is not more resources that you need to thrive greatly, only more use of the resources already within your purview and grasp.

The human mind is capable of achieving virtually anything it is capable of conceiving. I think that's what our grandmothers meant when they told us that we can do anything we set our minds to.
Maybe this is why an aging sufferer of acute arthritis, who could, who could barely move her fingers, first picked up a paintbrush at the age of 76, and between age 76 and her mid-90's, painted over 600 masterpiece paintings: Grandma Moses. Maybe that's why 92 or more percent of all American millionaires have been broke and bankrupted an average of more than two times each... yet have come back to develop wealth and success again.

Maybe that's why, of two men who were crippled by polio... one became a beggar in the streets, and the other, Franklin Roosevelt,.. became President of the United States.

Yes, my faithful friend... understanding and appreciating just how much we have going for us, helps us to accomplish uncommonly wonderful, powerful things. This comes to you from Masters & Millionaires, literally five thousand of them and more. Creating a five-second mental video this very moment nurtures belief, and thousands of champions and billionaires and true masters of their crafts can't all be less perceptive than you, can they? They know that belief in yourself can, and does, make all the difference. Emerson was right on the money when he wrote,

"What lies ahead of us, and what lies behind us,
pales in significance... when compared to what lies ... ... within us."

It is the basis of explanation for so many hundreds of thousands of people coming from specifically deprived and/or abused and/or disaster-struck backgrounds and using the energy created from it into achieving world-class happiness and fulfillment and achievement. If you knew it better, you'd be doing it better, yes or no?

Your brain is so magnificent, and you've probably read about scientists estimating that even Albert Einstein himself only used ten percent of his brain's capacity. Well, that estimate was made in the 1960's, when brain scientists were able to count ten million brain cells at work in the human brain. Now that we can see and count far more than a hundred billion, yes, 100,000,000,000 separate brain cells, each capable of up to a million functions, who consistently outproduce those around them - thanks to shortcuts. Every quarter of a second, we know Einstein didn't even use a full one TENTH of one percent of what he had available to him... ...just like you, as we all know by what we see in front of us.
Think about it: Professor Einstein repeatedly said that "Imagination is even more important than knowledge." He was talking to YOU! 
In the plainest possible language, you are only being asked to use just the tiniest additional fraction of your brain, which will result in not merely increased results, better yet, you are guaranteed to get multiplied results.

Look for ways to use more of what you have.Please don't be surprised when you realize you're rapidly joining those who 'suddenly' become masters and millionaires... every single month in America alone! Whether it's love that you want, or money, or skills in a particular field, let's talk less, and do more, hm?

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The Psychology of Shortcuts has been built particularly with you in mind. That's why it took 25,500 hours to build: you're hard-headed.

You're also quick with an opinion, and that's good when you're applying the opinion to a set course of action. It's not so good when taking new information in.

Think of it this way: When I voice an immediate opinion on something you say,
it actively demonstrates that I'm not giving thought to what you've just said.   How can I be thinking if I'm talking?

We know, some people are "quick thinkers." That still doesn't explain offering an opinion on something before giving it due consideration.

This one little technique of masters and millionaires, used by countless champions and billionaires,
will have a notable impact on your life within, well, minutes or hours in many cases; perhaps a few days for some of the slower and more cautious folks.   That's okay.

The important thing is that whenever I hear a stated set of facts or even opinions, a wise person wouldn't consider saying a word until after the subject matter has been considered. Are we on the same page here?   Excellent.

When someone speaks about this, that or the next thing, a useful guide from a good number of our masters and millionaires is the guide of thought:
Is this worth sixty seconds of intense thought?

If not, get out of the conversation. Don't bother telling what you know. Use that time, that energy, that impetus and channel it into action.

When a person responds immediately, it means they are not weighing your words. NO ONE thinks that fast at all times.
No one.

Talk less.   Do more.

With love,

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