The Psychology of Shortcuts IN RE Boosting Your Brain

The can be reasonably compared to a most wonderful facet of playing chess.
striving to accomplish at least two, if not three or even more things simultaneously with one move.
Boosting your brain power by boosting the tools that power your brain is thoroughly useful, and fast..
The better we understand our tools, even at a basic level, the more we empower ourselves to excel.
You already know that excellence is a result of using a tool well, and using it repeatedly, right?
Any and every tool or device that you know how to use goes through the same process.
First, a complete lack of understanding of what it is, what it does, or how it works.
One and only one step at a time, this changes, your knowledge expands,
which you are empowered to add to by repeating the use of the tool.
Every single time you repeat that cycle, you inrease your skill level.
The more you use it, the better you get at using it to your benefit.
It is no great stretch to let yourself see the underlying idea,
the underlying principle that you have MASSIVE power.
This power is in your possession; let's use it instantly.

All PowerGems are universal. Use your cynical energy constructively, such as finding out which are your favorite shortcuts by employing any PowerGem or group of PowerGems, repeatedly, and you are assured of obtaining generous evidence that each and every one of us benefits from application of what you're about to read. How physically intense is the hope that you'll use the next ten minutes of your life as a defined launching point for the most exciting and empowered, most action-filled, question-filled one hundred days of your life, finding you coming out at the end of the hundred days at least twice as far as you are now towards the one thing you most want in this life.

One hundred percent of the PowerGems, the fantastically instant shortcuts of masters and millionaires, champions and billionaires, one hundred percent of these wonderful techniques for boosting your brain, come from those who have already proe value of these methods and techniques, secrets and shortcuts. Those who know it better, do it better. Ten minutes, friend. Let's begin the most exciting and wonderfully empowering journey of a lifetime in the next ten minutes, okay?

Don't underestimate the value of repeatedly exercising your mental muscles,
because they DO respond the same way as all muscles, getting stronger and better,
not only with repetition... as well, by increasing an understanding of how the tool worlds.
It's not enough to repeat a great method mindlessly.
The other half of the success is adjusting the result.
None of what you do happens by accident or without thought.

Letters of the alphabet... P or E, an S, O, F, or T...???
Just letters, right?

No apparent power here... but if we arrange some of those letters into special, customized combinations...
you will find potential power. For example, take these 10 sets of two-letter words:

" be is is me up it to it to If "

Use your language skills to rearrange them in a POWERFUL way:

If it is to be, it is up to me.

I only know of one creature w/ sufficient sense, and intelligence... (sentience?)
to grasp the power of that sentence: grasp it, & USE IT.
Yet, only 3 to 5 of every 100 people are smart enough to actually USE it !!

I've no way of knowing if YOU personally have the brains to use it. I have this idea that if you understand every customized letter-combination on this page -- better known as "words," well then you're surely bright enough to grasp even a portion of this special tool:

If it is to be, it is up to me.

If you clearly know what you want, and just as clearly WHYyou want it...

your brain will continually and without cease produce whatever it takes to achieve it.

This is why, when you and a friend are racking your brain trying to remember a person or event, it may elude you until hours or even days later when you may wake up out of a sound sleep, yelling, "AHA!" and the answer is there for you. No coincidence at all. My mother and her best friend from age 3, a wonderful lady, Barbara Dinerstein, did it back and forth with each other many times during my childhood years. the call would arrive or be made at midnight or later, where one would yell out a name or a food or a song, and the other would INSTANTLY know what was meant to be conveyed.

You've likely experienced it yourself, where no explanation of why you're calling, no "Hello," no "How are you?" just the name or whatever yelled out, and recognition of the previous conversation is immediate.   There was no accident or coincidence. No matter how long it takes, the human brain always provides answers to any and every question repeatedly asked with any level of genuine desire to articulate a specific answer.

This is a universally understood facet of the human brain's cybernetic operation: it cannot function without defined objectives. The primary purpose of your reticular activating system (located in lower rear portion of the brain), is to accept every one of the millions of new bits of data we ingest through our two hundred thousand temperature detectors,  one hundred & seven million visual receptors, more than five hundred THOUSAND touch detectors,   48,000 vibrating receivers in our ears, four million pain-sensitive devices in the body, etc., and then determine whether to allow that information into the conscious portion of our minds, or simply place it in "storage." This occurs millions of times per second.

From birth to death,
the brain must ALWAYS have a specific aim in order to function.

When we set a specific aim,
we continue working at that task until we master it.

By the time you're able to read these words, you have mastered certain skills: reading /writing English, running the shower at the most comfortable temperature, slicing a bagel (please: show me a dog or white tiger who can do that!). Whether or not you realize it, you've invested a great deal of time learning to make excuses to people about why you didn't or "couldn't"_____, or had no time to_______. From a proper knot in your tie or your best omelette, driving a car, or accomplishing tasks in your job:
You didn't learn these things instantly or by accident; you saw or heard about something that you wanted, you set a very specific goal so your brain began collating all available data in order to help you achieve it. It's that simple. Duplicating this one technique is phenomenally powerful.

In short, YOU, and no one but you, determined precisely what it was that you wanted, and you then set about doing it... because YOU wanted to.

Why are you waiting for emergencies or the rare urgent opportunity that's thrown in your face? Isn't the journey, your actual travel through this life important enough for you to plan out?

Can you list just 3 things you would really love to accomplish in the next 5 to 10 yrs? Much more importantly, are you WILLING to list just 3 things you'd love to do in this life?

Seems to me that your next birthday is just around the block. Too soon to accomplish long-term goals, yes?    Yet, when I look at, let's say, 24 individual time frames of one month each, all of a sudden that goal/wish/desire/dream doesn't seem quite so huge anymore...somewhat similar to a steak:

If I take a 22-ounce steak & try to shove it down my throat, I'll undoubtedly choke on it.

But what happens if I cut that steak down into 22 smaller, more manageable bites?
Hmmm. I think we may be on to something here, yes?

Whether it's a date with that verrry nice-looking person over there, learning new work material, or acquiring "things," we find ways to do it, have it, get it,... & if we can't find ways to do it... we create them...


If you are capable of determining:

precisely what it is you want,

setting a deadline for its achievement;

enumerating the expected obstacles,

listing the people who can help you,

the skills/info you'll need,

a step-by-step plan of action,


a clear reason for doing it/HAVING IT
(WHY? Precisely how will I benefit?),

you will find that you have taken the beginning steps that have been consciously or not-so-consciously taken by each and every successful human being of those 5200 I studied.

Please believe me: knowing this information is not enough. Contrary to popular belief,

knowledge is NOT power: it is only potential power.

It becomes power only when we take ACTION upon that knowledge.


So, what's it gonna be?
Got a few minutes for yourself?

Why not take a look at what's possible in YOUR life?
With only one go-round, do you live life with passion?

How many things can you list that you would still like to be able to do before you die?
Go ahead, give it a shot:

Talk is cheap. Let's get busy.

You MUST be clear on exactly what it is that you want, and why you want it...

when we have a strong enough "why," we always & invariably find the "how."

Hey, listen: Sustained excellence cannot occur by accident.

I say again:

"If it is to be, it is up to me."



WHAT do I most want or need?
OBSTACLES? - listed one by one
STEP-BY-STEP PLAN? (Smaller pieces)
WHY? -- EXACTLY what will I gain?



Despite considerable cost, I've never earned a dime from any page of PowerGems... exclusively because I believe in you and your ability to use more of what you already have and already know. Taking what you know... ... those simple letters.... will always and without fail produce better results when you create better combinations of those letters.

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